Why You Should Hire a Professional to Remove Big, Dangerous Trees

As beautiful as trees can be, they can be hazardous and threaten property value if unstable or at risk of falling.

If you have a large, damaged, diseased, or pest-infested tree in your yard, don't second guess the importance of hiring a professional to remove it. After being in the business for years, the Big Dave's Tree Service team knows the ins and outs of removing large, dangerous trees from any property.

To learn more, dive right in and continue reading below for our valuable secrets and first-hand knowledge.

Safety First

Among the most obvious reasons you should hire a professional arborist is because it keeps you safe and out of harm's way. Removing trees—particularly large ones—involves many risks, such as being hit by falling branches, unstable limbs, and other hazards, that could lead to serious injury. We recommend you avoid this dangerous task at all costs.

Professional tree removers reduce the amount of risk because they’re prepared in the following areas:

  • They use specialized equipment, such as ropes, harnesses, and cranes, to control the tree's descent and ensure it falls in a safe direction.
  • They have the expertise to assess the risks of removing a large tree and take appropriate measures to minimize them.
  • A licensed company will have insurance that protects you from liability in case of accidents or damage to your property.

Think of hiring an expert as a safe, cost-effective investment. If you attempt to remove a cumbersome tree yourself, the chances of injury and damage occurring are high. In this case, you’ll also be on the hook to pay for all the damages—damages that aren’t likely to happen when you hire an expert.

Who doesn’t like the idea of staying safe while saving money?

Benefit from Their Expertise

Removing massive trees isn’t just about cutting them down. This task requires expertise in understanding the tree's structure, growth pattern, and potential hazards. It also requires knowing how to handle a tree removal when insect infestations and disease have overcome it.

Professional tree removal experts possess the necessary knowledge and skills to safely remove trees without causing damage to your property. Additionally, they can prevent infestations from spreading to other vegetation in your yard.

Here is why their expertise is important:

  • They can inspect the tree to identify the signs of disease or extreme damage, such as cracks, splits, or decay.
  • Based on these details, they’ll use the right professional-grade tools and equipment.
  • They can remove the tree without causing lingering issues.
  • They can gather tree debris and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Keep in mind that since arborists know how to inspect trees, they can advise you if your tree does need to be removed. You may be surprised to learn that a little TLC can revitalize it—another great reason to take advantage of their expertise.

Save Time and Money

We’re sorry to break it to you—as handy as you are, removing large trees isn’t a DIY project. It's a serious job that requires significant time, effort, and resources to do it right. Partnering with a tree removal company will save time and money—two things everyone wants to preserve.

How can they save you time and money? First of all, arborists are equipped with commercial-grade tools and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and safely. Additionally, with their expertise, they can remove a tree without causing damage to your property, preventing the need for costly repairs down the line. Plus, they'll provide a precise upfront cost estimate so that you can plan and budget accordingly.

It's safe to assume you enjoy leisure time and no stress. So why disrupt them when you can leave the heavy lifting to experienced tree enthusiasts?

Environmental Impact

Have you considered what happens to dead trees once extracted from the ground? If you removed one yourself, could you dispose of it in a way that favors the environment?

Chances are the answer is no. You may not have the means to haul it or know where to dispose of it—all the more reason to hire the pros!

A licensed arborist will have the expertise to dispose of the tree debris in an eco-friendly way, reducing waste and pollution. Whether they bring it to a recycling depot or have the resources to break it down themselves, they’ll ensure it’s broken down and reused.

Why is this important? Because even when broken down into logs or mulch, trees have many uses that can help restore the environment and improve the air quality of communities.

Here are some fantastic ways to reuse a dead tree that you don't want to overlook:

  • Recycling the debris into mulch, firewood, or other valuable products.
  • Create nutrient-rich soil amendments at an organic compost center.
  • Reusing large tree trunks for building projects.
  • Grind stumps into small chips for landscaping or composting.

Remove your large tree, all while being part of positive environmental processes by hiring an expert.

To Sum Up

After reading the above reasons why you should leave large tree removal to the experts, we're confident you now see the many values and benefits of outsourcing this work to a professional.

Aside from the obvious fact that the job requires expertise, knowledge, and equipment, hiring an arborist will also save you time and money. Moreover, you can ensure your safety, protect your property, and minimize environmental impact. Remember to consider these important factors when choosing a professional tree removal service and enjoy peace of mind with a job well done.

If you currently have an unwanted tree taking up space in your yard or posing a risk to the surrounding vegetation, we would love to help remove it. Here at Big Dave's Tree Service, our team has years of extensive experience removing some of the biggest trees in the area.

Call us at (586) 727-4469 if you would like to book our services or find out more about how we go about removing large, dangerous trees from our clients’ properties.