Tree Trimming in Oak Park

Nothing depreciates the look of your landscape like unkempt hedges and overgrown shrubs. Keep your property looking its best with Big Dave's Tree Service.

We offer superior tree services at competitive rates to home and business owners in Oak Park. Contact our team today at (586) 727-4469 to find out more.


The Benefits of Expert Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an excellent method to protect the investment you made in your landscape. Regular trimming services will keep your shrubs, hedges, and trees looking neat and manicured all year round. What’s more, trimming overly dense plants will allow sunlight and moisture to reach the rest of your landscape, improving its overall look and lifespan.

Professional Tree Pruning Services

Often, tree pruning goes hand in hand with tree trimming. Pruning will revitalize the health and growth of a sick tree. Our expert tree climbers will scale as high as necessary to cut away the infected, dead, and broken branches on your trees. Cutting the diseased parts away will not only rejuvenate the health of your tree, but it will also prevent the risk of injury due to falling branches.

Tree Trimming Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Whether your backyard garden is your pride and joy, or you need your office building to be kept looking neat and tidy, our team has you covered. Our satisfied clients are a combination of both home and business owners. Bottom line: if your property has trees, you can benefit from our services.

The Tree Services Company That Offers Expert Advice

Did you know that tree trimming strategies vary depending on the type of plant and the season? If you prune a tree immediately after its blooming cycle, you’ll encourage its flowering abilities. Dormant trees pruned during the winter months will have boosted growth periods in the spring. Needless to say, tree trimming is more than what meets the eye.

Fortunately, our team is made up of qualified professionals. We know all tree types, and we know all their life cycles. When we assess your property, we’ll give you our expert advice on the best trimming strategy and schedule for your ideal landscape aesthetic.

On-Time, Every Time: The Dependable Tree Trimming Company

When you hire us for your tree trimming project, you can expect our team to arrive on-time, every time. Our long business hours are purposely created with your convenience in mind. So, when its best for you, we’ll be available to do the job.

What’s more, our large working crews and high-quality equipment enables us to offer exceptionally quick turnaround times. We’ll have your trees, shrubs, and hedges shaped to perfection faster than you know it. 

Call Your Local, Trustworthy Tree Trimmers

We’re passionate about maintaining the natural beauty in the community of Oak Park. The health of your trees is not just what we do—it’s important to us. Don’t let the beauty of your garden spoil because of damaged branches and deformed hedges. When you need reliable tree trimming, pruning, and maintenance services at an affordable price, we’re the only team to call. Contact our friendly staff today!

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