Tree Removal Services in Southfield

If you’re looking to remove a tree from your Southfield property, you’re going to need more than a neighborhood handyman with a pair of hedge clippers. You’re going to need a certified arborist with the right equipment and expertise for the job. That’s where Big Dave's Tree Service comes in.

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Large and Hazardous Tree Removal Services

Removing large trees is an inherently dangerous task requiring specialized knowledge and equipment, so leaving it to the experts is always your best option. At Big Dave's Tree Service, our specialty is removing large, cumbersome trees that have become a hazard or are blocking an essential structure.

With a wealth of experience in tackling challenging tree removals, we possess the expertise and equipment to mitigate dangers and risks during the process. Safety and speed are our top priorities, so we ensure that any tree removal we oversee is managed efficiently and carefully. When our team is on the job, we can rest easy knowing you and your property are safeguarded from falling limbs and tumbling trunks.

If you have a dead, damaged, or infested tree on your property that needs removal, you can trust us to handle it promptly, confidently, and without issue.

Removing Storm-Damaged Trees

When storms wreak havoc on your trees, Big Dave's Tree Service is here to provide immediate and reliable tree removal services. We understand the urgency of the situation and the importance of quickly restoring safety to your property. Upon arrival, we’ll assess the damage, develop an efficient action plan, and prepare to remove the tree.

If a tree on your property has been damaged during a storm and poses an immediate risk to your safety, we encourage you to call immediately. We’re known for our reliable 24/7 emergency service and ability to arrive on the scene as soon as possible.

Tree Evaluation and Assessment

At Big Dave's Tree Service, we believe in the importance of thorough tree evaluation and assessment before proceeding with any removal. We ensure that our arborists conduct preliminary inspections to determine each tree's health, stability, and potential risks.

Through this comprehensive process, we ensure that every removal is backed by accurate information and performed with precision. By prioritizing detailed evaluation and assessment, we guarantee a safe and efficient tree removal process that minimizes potential damage and exceeds your expectations for speed and safety.

If you’re unsure whether a tree on your property needs to be removed or can be restored to good health, we're the team to determine the right course of action. Reach out to our office to request an onsite assessment.

The Importance of Removing Unsafe Trees

Understanding the importance of tree removal is crucial for maintaining a safe and thriving environment. Diseased, damaged, or structurally compromised trees pose significant risks to property and personal safety. By promptly removing such trees, you mitigate the danger of falling limbs or entire trees tumbling down during storms or high winds.

Aside from mitigating hazards, removing overcrowded or invasive trees can allow for healthier growth and improved aesthetics, enhancing your property's overall beauty and value.

Tree Removal Experts with Fast Response Times

As a well-established arborist company, Big Dave's Tree Service is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring your tree removal project is completed smoothly and safely.

Using a streamlined process and deploying advanced equipment, we can easily minimize disruptions to your property and surroundings. From emergency tree removal to scheduled felling of diseased trees, we have the skills and tools to perform any job swiftly and professionally.

Rest easy knowing that our fast response times mean you can reclaim your space promptly, leaving you with peace of mind and a clear landscape.

Skilled Tree Surgeons at Your Service

While we might have access to the best tools, cranes, and other prized equipment, it’s not our tools that make us the best at what we do. It is the years of hard-earned wisdom we’ve garnered over our years of dedicated service. That’s what separates us from our competitors, and that’s what ensures your customer satisfaction.

We provide:

  • Services performed by certified professionals
  • Assurance that all work is completed in accordance with local bylaws and regulations
  • Thorough clean-up and removal of tree trunk or limbs from premises
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Warranties on all services
  • Free consultations

Trees: To Remove or Rescue?

If a sudden weather event has damaged a tree on your property, you might be wondering: Should you remove the tree entirely, or attempt to salvage the healthy portions of the tree? This is a big question that few people are qualified to answer. If your tree looks like it is in trouble, we advise you to give us a call. We’ll assess the situation quickly.

In situations where an old tree limb has broken from the trunk and is dangling dangerously, we’ll most definitely remove that limb immediately. With that gone, your property and family will be in no immediate danger. From there, we’ll let you know whether the remnants of your tree are at risk of becoming unhealthy or a liability. If it seems like your tree is at risk of tumbling or dying, we’ll remove it immediately.

Few people want to see trees disappear from their properties. If it is possible for us to preserve your tree, we most definitely will.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Services

When a storm hits town and hurts your tree it’s not just the tree itself that is at risk, your home and property is at risk too. Depending on the tree’s proximity to your home, it might be at risk of crashing into your roof. If the tree is fully uprooted when it falls, your home’s sewer lines might even be damaged depending on where they’re located.

That’s why we are committed to offering our services on an emergency basis. These incidents don’t operate on the standard arborist’s schedule, so why should we? When the situation is urgent, we will respond with urgency—guaranteed.

Affordable Tree Care Services

We work hard to keep our rates low. From offering free consultations to only using the best commercial-grade equipment, you save money with us every step of the way.

The Best Tree Removal Company in Southfield

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Free Quotes on Professional Tree Work

Our goal is to provide tree services that go above and beyond for our clients. This begins with our commitment to offering accurate and no-obligation quotes on all of our tree removal jobs. We give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about removing the eyesore from your property. Our extensive industry experience and attention to detail allow us always to provide the most accurate quotes on our valuable service.

A Tree Company with the Right Tools for the Job

At Big Dave's Tree Service, we pride ourselves on using modern and high-quality equipment to complete your tree removal. Our advanced technology allows us to remove any trees from your property safely and efficiently. We perform regular upkeep and maintenance to make sure all of our machines are in proper working order. What's more, all of our qualified arborists are fully trained in operating our state-of-the-art equipment, so you can always trust us to get the job done properly.

Commercial and Residential Tree Removal

Our team of qualified tree specialists can service any property. Whether it is your home or business, we have what it takes to remove any tree from your property efficiently. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of servicing a wide variety of properties. This means you can relax knowing that you hired a team with the experience and the knowledge to get the job done correctly.

A Tree Removal Tree Service with Years of Experience

When you hire Big Dave's Tree Service, you can rest assured knowing that you have a seasoned team of arborists servicing your property. Over our time in business, we have established a reputation as the trusted local source for reliable tree removal. Our experience has equipped us to handle even the most difficult tree removal jobs. Whether it is an unsightly tree you have been meaning to remove for a while, or one that has toppled over in the middle of the night, we are the best team for the job.

Professional Stump Removal

We Get to The Root of Your Problem

Not only do we provide fantastic tree removal, but we can also completely remove any trace of the tree to begin with. We are proud to offer a professional stump removal service that will leave your landscape looking flawless. Our high-quality stump grinder will make short work of even the toughest of tree ends. When you need tree removal, put your trust in a company that will do more than just remove a tree from your property. Instead, call the team of certified arborists that will fully service your landscape, call us.

Precision Branch Removal

Is there one particular branch that is getting in the way of a perfect view? Perhaps there are tree limbs now endangering the longevity of your roofing system. Whatever the case may be, we’re the tree removal experts who can protect your property and restore your peace of mind.

Not only do we respond to your requests with speed, but we will also clean up and remove any debris when we are finished. This leaves your home looking its very best, so you’d hardly know we were there.

Don’t put such a large investment like your home and automobiles at risk. We recommend taking care of risky looking limbs immediately. Reach out to us to request an estimate—at no obligation.

Best-Rated Tree Cutting Service

We take our reputation for being the city’s best-rated tree cutting service very seriously. Our deep commitment to safety and understanding tree health allows us to serve you better. No matter how deeply rooted or how tall a tree has become, we’re the qualified experts who can fell it with extreme precision.

Advanced technology allows us to scale to new heights, breaking down massive trees piece by piece until there is nothing left to them at all. Our ability to complete work in the following complex conditions truly make us second to none:

  • Tight spaces
  • Proximity to houses and property lines
  • Trees that are close to power lines and other technology
  • Removing single trees that are part of a larger grouping of lumber
  • And much more

Phone our office to set up an appointment to consult with us.

Licensed and Insured Tree Work

Each of our specialized tree doctors is a licensed professional with up-to-date safety and industry training. We are also fully insured professionals committed to producing the highest quality work on your behalf. Don’t settle for an amateur when what you really need is an expert. Phone our office today to receive a comprehensive quote.  

Budget-Friendly Tree Removal Cost

Keeping our community and the trees within it looking their best is our goal. To do this, we offer competitive tree removal costs that align with budgets of all sizes. To find out more about how we can give you the most value for your hard-earned dollar, pick up the phone and get in touch.

4 Benefits of Hiring a Local Tree Service

Did you know hiring a local tree service can ultimately save you time, stress, and even money in the end? Here are the top 4 benefits of working with us:

  • Our advanced technology meets the requirements of every job we perform
  • There is no risk of injury to you
  • Obstructions are removed, and your home’s value increases
  • Quickly identify, remediate, or remove diseased trees and branches

You wouldn’t hire a dentist to perform the job of a surgeon, so don’t make the mistake of hiring an ordinary landscaper to do the work of a trained arborist. Reach out to us for an estimate to ensure your next tree service goes smoothly. 

Perfect Tree Removal—Every Single Time

We approach every job we take with the same high standard of quality. We always work diligently and attentively to complete your tree removal flawlessly. When you need a large tree removed from your property, don't gamble with an unproven company. Instead, place your trust in our team of tree surgeons with an impressive track record of successful jobs.

Preserve and Protect Your Property

Sometimes the need for a tree removal company is urgent. A storm can badly damage a tree, turning it into a health and safety hazard. Other times a tree can just be an old eyesore on a property. There is no shortage of reasons to request services from the tree specialists at Big Dave’s Tree Service. Rest assured that whatever reason you have to remove a tree, we’ll treat the issue with urgency. We’ll be on site as fast as possible, and once we’re there we will determine the appropriate course of action. We’re the licensed arborists of Southfield who take every job seriously.

Do you need a tree removed from your property? Then call us! We are the full-service tree removal arborists of Southfield and beyond. Not only do we specialize in tree removal, but we also offer land clearing and stump removal services. That means that when we remove your tree, we fully remove it. Who else in the Southfield area can promise you that?

Southfield Tree Removal Service

Has your front yard become a bit of an eyesore lately? Is that big, decaying tree on your property getting in the way of your beautiful home? Maybe you need a professional tree cutting from an arborist you can trust. That’s where Big Dave’s Tree Service comes in.

Whoever said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover clearly was never a homeowner! For better or worse, humans are visual creatures, and most of us form first impressions of people and places using our eyes. And that’s never more true than for the yard in front of your Southfield home.

As inhumane as it sounds, sometimes tree removal is necessary. Unkempt shrubs and gnarly trees can make your charming bungalow look like the set of a horror movie. There are few things more important to creating a pleasant look and feel for your Southfield home than curb appeal, and scheduling regular tree service by a qualified arborist like Big Dave's Tree Service goes a long way towards making your home look magazine-cover gorgeous. That’s an ideal way to create a positive first impression that lasts—especially to home appraisers and potential buyers!

Are you in urgent need of our expert tree removal services, or simply interested in exploring your options? Call Big Dave's Tree Service today!

Quick and Affordable Tree Removal Estimates

With Big Dave's Tree Service, there’s no messing around. When you inquire about our services, we know you’re wondering about the prices. We’ll come to you at the earliest convenience for your free consultation, but we can discuss over the phone to get you an immediate estimate.

Of course, we’ll be glad to provide you with a written contract after the consultation. All the costs and the different steps will be outlined clearly allowing a completely smooth tree removal process.

Has Your Tree Fallen? We’ll Remove the Tree Debris

If a tree has fallen in your yard due to a storm or any other inconvenience, you can always give us a call. After all, no one said the tree had to be alive and well for us to come and remove it! When you give us a ring and ask us to pick-up your fallen sapling, we’ll be happy to oblige.

The process is similar, but the rates are much cheaper—the storm did half our work! We’ll pick-up your tree, chop it up into smaller pieces with our heavy-duty equipment and load it all into our truck to be taken away and off your lawn. We’ll be on and off your property before you know it and as always, we make sure to pick-up underlying debris.

A Tree Care Company Excelling in Customer Satisfaction

Don’t believe us? Just check out our online reviews! We’ve been around for a while, and therefore we’ve built a name for ourselves among the people of Southfield and the surrounding area. We’re known for many things that make us stand out from the rest.

Excellent Tree Removal Service

We provide exceptional service. We make sure to be very professional, and we clean everything up after the job is done. We guarantee our arborists work quickly to remove any tree from your property, at an affordable rate. And we pick up at the bits and pieces of branches and leaves left behind too!

Affordable Rates

Tree removal does not have to break the bank, or your back, for that matter—don’t you dare think of handling it yourself! Big Dave's Tree Service has got you covered. We’ll remove trees big and small, and we take all the necessary precautions for not only ourselves but for your home and your lawn.

Our tree specialists have a no-nonsense attitude and make sure to approach every project with something a little extra. We don’t take more breaks than necessary to get the job done promptly, and if ever you’re looking for a friendly conversation, we’re excellent talkers. You’ll come to find tree care providers have many exciting stories to tell. Just ask us! And of course, we’ll answer any questions you might have along the way.

Hire Our Tree Removal Experts to Restore Your Lawn

We’re very confident that we’re the leading tree removal experts in the state. Let us prove it to you! Enlist our services for your stump and tree removal needs, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it can be when you hire the right people.

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More Than Just Looks: Tree Removal for Health and Safety

Having a tall shady tree in your front or backyard is a luxury. It’s satisfying to catch a few minutes outside getting lost in a good book under the canopy. And the shade a tree provides even doubles as inexpensive sunblock! But sadly, trees growing wild and modern electricity don’t mix.

Every three to five years, call a Southfield arborist for an inspection of your tall and leafy friends. Old or dying trees are prone to falling, which can mean big trouble for your home or your family. Overgrown branches require tree trimming, or you may risk a branch breaking at an unfortunate time. Don’t be caught unaware. A luxurious tree can quickly become a liability. When your tree becomes a health and safety hazard, that’s when you need to call an arborist who is skilled in tree cutting, stump grinding, and all other manners of tree service.

The same goes for the stumps that may be present on your property. Many of us walk about our yards not paying too much attention to where we’re going. You might be thinking, “Why should I call Big Dave's Tree Service over a small little stump?” Tree stumps are small, aren’t they? Well, that’s what makes them so dangerous. Tree stumps can be a major tripping or falling hazard, especially for young children and for elderly family members. Stump removal is essential to ensuring your yard remains a safe and obstacle-free place so that you, your pets, and your loved ones can run free to your hearts’ content!

Stump removal also takes care of another significant problem. While a tall tree in a yard is a majestic sight, it’s hard to say the same about a stump. Don’t just opt for tree removal when you call Big Dave's Tree Service—we pull the entire tree out by the roots, giving your lawn an attractive uniform appearance.

Does My Tree Need to Be Removed?

Like all living things, the tree in your yard has a lifespan. In nature, a tree will naturally live out its lifespan until it one day weakens and collapses, decomposing and returning to earth.

However, in Southfield’s urban and suburban areas, trees encounter other obstacles. They unintentionally find themselves in the way of houses, power lines, and other structures. And, unlike in the woods, a fallen tree may cause catastrophic damage to infrastructure.

Trees, unlike other living things, won’t always fall and collapse after they die. Some trees will remain upright. For this reason it can be hard to spot a dead tree, but if you look closely and pay attention to the seasonal cycles it should be obvious. When a tree dies, a tree removal company like Big Dave's Tree Service should be called immediately. Without the assistance of professional tree experts, that tree might fall when you least expect it.

One of our expert arborists here at Big Dave’s will be able to evaluate your tree’s state of strength and health. However, there are signs you can watch for as a homeowner which can dictate if a removal might be required.

As trees add tremendous beauty and presence to any property, in addition to the oxygen, shade, and habitat they provide, they should never be cut down unless absolutely necessary. Not every tree removal service will tell you that, but Big Dave's Tree Service isn’t like other greedy arborists. The good news is a sick or dying tree can be saved! We are as interested in protecting the environment as we are in protecting your property. Our team can gladly provide a diagnosis and treatment plan that will have your tree restored to health. A tree that is dead, however, is extremely dangerous to your property and family.

If you are unsure, you can perform a simple test yourself. With a pocket knife or your fingers, scratch one of the twigs of your tree. If there is moist green tissue underneath, your tree is alive!

If it is brown and brittle, observe the base of the tree, checking for mushrooms or other fungi. See if the bark of the tree trunk is cracking, peeling, or rotting. Check for hanging branches as well as deformed or missing leaves. These signs are usually telltale indicators of a tree that has died. If that tree is dead, call Southfield’s best arborists at Big Dave's Tree Service. We’ll remove your tree quickly and safely.

Examine the trunk and branches (specifically the uppermost branches) of your tree. Notice if the top branches are receding or unhealthy, and whether the trunk is showing any signs of decay.

Evaluate also the strength of your tree—observe whether it is leaning, or if there are branches that look structurally unsound. Structurally unsound branches are a big red flag! If any seem too threatening, call us right away.

There are also cosmetic reasons to remove a tree from a property. A tree may be blocking views or providing excessive shade, rendering your lawn unable to thrive. Trees may also have outgrown their environment, or cause problems with the vegetation it generates. Leaves, needles, sap, seeds, cotton, or branches can be cumbersome and detrimental. If a tree is dominating your property, call the tree removal experts at Big Dave's Tree Service.

If you sense that your tree might be at or near the end of its life, don’t delay—consult the experts at Big Dave’s. We will assess and take action quickly. We also offer emergency tree removal services.

Beauty and Value Combined

When you make your yard a safer place with Big Dave's Tree Service’s total arborist solutions, you also make it a more beautiful place for you and yours to enjoy. We offer a wide variety of services including regular tree trimming and pruning shrubs that have grown unruly. Like we said, we won’t remove a tree unless it is absolutely necessary! If all your tree needs is some trimming and pruning then that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Let us help you build the landscape of your domestic dreams. We offer free consultation and estimates when you call us over the phone. Plus, there’s no obligation required, so if you want to seek out a second opinion, you are free to. But given our years of providing the best service in the state, we know you’ll be satisfied. Beautifying and disaster-proofing your home—now that’s a winning combination!

How to Remove a Tree From Your Southfield Property

First a disclaimer: We do not, and never will, advocate for DIY tree removal. There are simply too many variables for an amateur to take into consideration. And the consequences can be huge. Every year there are countless fatalities caused by improperly felled trees. And if grievous bodily harm doesn’t convince you, the destruction of your house, car, and other big investments should.

The idea of this “instructional” is to give you an idea of what we do at Big Daves Tree Service. It’s a complicated job that requires the professional intuition and years of training that we’ve spent our lives working on.

So let’s begin!

  1. The first thing we’ll do is clear the area. The tree will need a place to lie down after it falls. We make sure that there’s nothing left sitting in its path. When that tree starts falling, it’s going to come down fast! It needs a clear path so that nothing gets destroyed in the fall.
  2. We measure its height and figure out where to make it fall. This part is very important because, even if we guarantee that there are no people in the general area, any buildings or vehicles on the property may be at risk. Once we know approximately how tall it is, we assess the condition of the tree. Is it leaning more in one direction than another? Does it have a knot here or there? All these factors affect the way the tree will fall.
  3. If we haven’t made it clear yet, tree removal involves a lot of variables. Sometimes there are miscalculations. To prevent any injuries, we always make sure we have our own escape route, in case the tree does something we weren’t expecting.
  4. Once the prep is all done, we begin cutting down the tree. The first cut we make is a 45-degree angle V-shape near the base of the tree trunk. The V-shape is cut on the side of the tree we want the tree to fall on. This kind of cut, called an undercut, will weaken the tree significantly and make it fall where we want.
  5. Then we’ll start cutting on the other side. This is called the backcut. The backcut is a straight cut about two inches above the V-shaped undercut. At this point the tree trunk will be extremely weak, so watch out!
  6. Then we’ll yell something like, “TIMBER!” This is both a funny cliché and a very important way to inform people that a giant tree is about to fall near them.
  7. Once the tree is safely on the ground, we’ll begin the process of stripping and clearing away the branches. Once the branches are gone, we’ll cut the tree into manageably sized logs. The logs can be easily transported off your property. And there you have it! Your tree is gone. No injuries, no worries. Just don’t be silly and try to do it yourself. No YouTube how-to videos will teach you everything you need to know about tree removal.

While most clients prefer to remove the fallen lumber, some opt to keep it and cut it for use as firewood. This option is available to you as well.

Now, the tree has fallen, the debris has been cleared, and all that remains is an unsightly, space-consuming stump!

For your convenience, Big Dave’s also offers full-service stump removal and stump grinding. We will restore your lawn to a uniform, flat terrain free of disease-prone stumps and stubborn root systems.

Leave it to the pros at Big Daves Tree Service in Southfield!

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