Tree Removal In Detroit

Choosing to remove a tree from your property isn’t always an easy choice, but sometimes, it’s the right one. Our tree removal experts at Big Dave's Tree Service can help you determine whether removing a tree is the right decision for your property and how to go about it. Our experts have plenty of experience in this field of work and can let you know what your tree is experiencing, whether it’s endangering your property and when it needs to be removed.

To learn more about the health and safety of the trees on your Detroit property, contact us at (586) 727-4469.

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Call Our Tree Removal Experts in the Aftermath of a Storm

Tree damage caused by heavy storms is one of the most common reasons our clients call us for tree removal. Although removing a damaged tree isn’t always necessary, we recommend calling our experts if you’re unsure of the tree’s stability.

Our team will take the time to look at your tree, understand its integrity and whether it is threatening the safety of your property more broadly. If we have concerns, we’ll let you know them so you can make the right choice.

Don’t wait around when you have concerns. Storm tree damage can escalate, so let our team know if you require our assistance!

Removing Unhealthy Trees

There are many reasons why the trees on your property may be unhealthy, including:

  • Pest infestations
  • Interior decay
  • Age
  • Location

When a tree is dying or diseased, it cannot provide the benefits it usually would to your property like shade, water retention, and aesthetic appeal. An ailing tree can also affect the health of other plants on your property – so it may be in your best interest to remove it altogether.

Found Out How Much Tree Removal Will Cost

At Big Dave's Tree Service, we make honesty and transparency a top priority. Providing our clients with detailed pricing information is always our approach, so you can know precisely what you’re paying for.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to receive a cost estimate for your tree removal service. We’ll be happy to get an understanding of your situation and provide you with the details before we get to work!

Trust Our Experienced and Passionate Arborists

When it comes to tree removal in Detroit, nobody offers the services we do. Our team uses nothing but the utmost respect when working on your residential or commercial property and will ensure that your tree is disposed of responsibly.

We have built a reputation over the years, and we work hard every day to maintain it. So, if there is anything we can do to make your experience with us more positive, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Our team looks forward to ensuring your property’s long-term health and safety by removing trees that are no longer good for your landscape.

Reach us to discuss your concerns or book an on-site consultation today.

Contact Your Friends at Big Dave's Tree Service for Tree Removal

When you’re on the lookout for a tree removal service you can trust, there’s no one better for the job than Big Dave's Tree Service.

We’re confident that we’re the leading tree removal company in Detroit and the surrounding area, and we look forward to proving it to you with fast turnarounds and outstanding customer service. Our team is committed to customer satisfaction and we will make sure the job is taken care of the right way, safely and securely.

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Tree Removal Services

Upfront Quotes

The first step is to get in touch with us. We’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation at the earliest convenience to assess the tree that you need removed. You’ll be pleased to know that we offer flexible scheduling and quick response times to best accommodate you.

Once all the details are figured out, we can provide you with an honest quote upfront. At your request, we can break down the overall cost and timeline of the work, so you know what to expect. We’ll be sure everything is clearly explained before we move forward with the tree removal process.

A Full-Service Tree Removal Business

For all your tree troubles, Big Dave's Tree Service offers top-notch tree removal services. Whether a tree has fallen during a storm, or you’d like your land cleared, our team has you covered. We work hard to provide a seamless tree removal from start to finish. With each job, we guarantee:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Honest, straightforward quotes
  • Highly qualified tree removal experts
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Full cleanup
  • Big savings on high-quality work

If ever you have any questions or concerns about our premium tree removal services, our staff is always glad to be of assistance. Give us a call!

Certified, Experienced Tree Removal Arborists

Our local business is licensed, insured, and fully bonded, and our tree removal arborists are certified with many years of hands-on experience under their belts. Using only cutting-edge saws and grinders, we make sure to provide you with phenomenal, clean-cut results.

Rest assured, safety is our top priority and we make sure to adhere to the highest of safety standards when handling trees of all shapes and sizes. We’re also equipped with top-grade ladders and heavy-duty trucks to do the job. When you need a tree or several removed from your landscape, there’s no team better to call.

Dependable, Affordable Tree Services

Choosing us for your tree removal needs means receiving service that is both dependable and affordable. We’ll schedule a service and always arrive on time, well-equipped and ready to work. Our tree removal is second to none, and it’s available for a highly competitive price. We’re proud to provide the best of both worlds!

Detroit’s Best in Tree Removal

Locally owned and operated serving all tree needs for the Detroit area, Big Daves Tree Service is your local expert for tree removal. In business since 1987, and top rated with HomeAdvisor Inc. for elite service, you can count on our certified professionals to complete every job with efficiency and professionalism.

We are LEED certified accredited professionals, holding IBEW certification for power lines, and are part of the Tree Care Industry Association. At Big Daves Tree Service, we believe in honesty and accountability.

Our commitment to the industry and providing clients with superior client service sets us apart from other tree removal services. And, offering free cost estimates and competitive pricing, there really is no better option than our dedicated crew!

Do I Need an Arborist for Tree Removal?

While sometimes Detroit homeowners are certain that they need or want an arborist to come to their property for tree removal services, other times it’s not so clean cut. Especially in the case of extreme weather damage, it can be hard to tell if your tree is going to make it or if it needs to go before it becomes hazardous. If any of these symptoms apply to the tree on your property, give us a call:

  • The majority of the tree is visibly damaged.
  • The tree has grown too close to power lines.
  • An abnormal amount of fungi is growing at the base of your tree.
  • The tree has started to lean and shift.

Trees may be able to live for hundreds of years, but like everything else in the world, they too have a lifespan that can end with age or injury.

A sick or damaged tree puts your friends, family, and home at risk in case it falls. When a tree becomes unhealthy, its trunk and branches become more susceptible to bad weather. If you don’t know that your tree is sick, it can look healthy. A summer thunderstorm or a bout of freezing rain can turn your apparently healthy tree into a major health hazard. You can’t predict the weather, but you can protect yourself. It’s important to contact a trained arborist to check the health of your tree.

Ensure that you stay safe by addressing any tree concerns you have as quickly as possible. Big Daves Tree Service always offers estimates. Get your questions answered by calling us today.

Tree Removal Cost

Tree removal can be a big job. Even so, many Detroit homeowners will attempt to do it themselves. We never recommend trying this. At Big Daves Tree Service, every member of our team is a certified professional with years in the field.

Tree removal is no walk in the park. There’s a lot that needs to be accounted for, and the best way to make sure it’s done quickly and safely is by investing in a professional. So, what sort of tree removal costs could you be looking at?

It really depends on what kind of work needs to be done. If the tree needs to be cut down and its branches are close to power lines the job will be a lot more complicated. If you need to remove the stump and its roots, this can also increase the overall costs. On the other hand, the job can go quickly with very few, or no, complications! It all depends. Tree removal can cost between $150 and $1,500. With a range like that, it’s best to get an assessment for an accurate estimate.

All our work begins with a consultation. That way we can get a feel for the size and shape of the tree, what kinds of dangers there might be, and what kind of property we’ll be working on. When we have it all figured out, we’ll be able to give you an accurate quote and a price break down. Our upfront and honest approach means you never end up paying for extras that you weren’t expecting!

The Four Hardest Trees to Remove in Detroit

One of the best parts about living in Detroit is the wide variety of native and imported trees we’ve got in the area. Variety is the spice of life, and the trees we share space with in this beautiful city give it a lot of character—not to mention a shady refuge when the weather gets hot!

With nearly 20 years of experience as an arborist, you can bet all of us at Big Dave's Tree Service have seen our fair share of rare and exotic trees. But some of the hardest to remove are those that grow naturally right here in Michigan!

If you have any of the following species in your backyard, it’s best to contact an arborist for tree removal, rather than trying to fell the tree yourself.

1. Honey Locust Tree

Anyone wondering why the honey locust tree, known as Gleditsia triacanthos, gives professional arborists a hard time only needs to take a quick look at the trunk.

The honey locust is also known as the thorny locust. Why? Well, you guessed it. These trees have scary thorns growing out of their branches. These thorns can be up to four inches long, and yikes, they sting like crazy.

In fact, scientists think that these thorns evolved to help protect the trees from ancient animals that wanted to munch on them, which explains why the thorns grow so high up. Useless against deer, but great against tree cutters and mammoths!

2. Osage Orange Tree

This tree has some of the hardest wood we’ve ever seen in our years in the tree removal industry. A cord of it can weigh up to 4,000 pounds, putting a lot of strain on any human or machine that dares to take it on.

A fun fact: The osage orange is also named the bodock tree—from the French bois d’arc, meaning ‘wood of bows’. When French colonists first landed in what is know the US, they were amazed at how durable this wood was—perfect for making durable bows and arrows.

A pioneer’s gain—an arborist’s nightmare! Don’t try to cut this one down yourself.

3. Eastern White Pine

The wood of the eastern white pine tree, or pinus strobus, is easy to cut. So why does this tree give professional tree removal companies in Detroit such a hard time?

Because it secretes a messy, sticky resin in the summer months. Imagine climbing a tree in your safety gear and having your uniform stick to the branches as you try to scale it! Gross. While it’s not as dangerous to cut as some of the others, it sure isn’t fun.

4. Shagbark Hickory

Even hearing the name ‘shagbark hickory’ gives us nightmares. Unlike some of the others on this list, this plant is 100% native to Michigan. So why is it so difficult for a Detroit-area tree removal company to take down?

Well, the bark is sectioned in plates that are almost like armor. So it’s really hard to ‘spike’ the bark and to get a good foothold when you climb. What’s worse is that the bark also can drop off in entire plates, making it super dangerous to climb, even for professionals.

Tree Removal Experts Committed to Quality

When you call Big Daves Tree Service, we make it our goal to give you the best experience possible. Our commitment to upholding industry standards and a high level of customer service has helped us build a strong reputation in Detroit.

There are certain things that are included in every job we do. Here’s a few of them:

  • The work is done by qualified professionals
  • All work adheres to the regulations of local bylaw
  • Flexible and open pricing allows you to decide what work you need to pay for
  • Thorough work site clean-up when we’re done
  • Efficient work schedules that save you money
  • Gaining the appropriate permits where necessary
  • No hidden fees or surprise costs

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our work is only done when the customer is happy!

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If you’re looking for safe, effective, and affordable tree removal services in Detroit, look no further than Big Daves Tree Service. With more than 30 years in the industry, you can count on our qualified team to come through every time.

Don’t wait for your situation to get worse. Get in touch with us as soon as possible!

As a responsible homeowner in Detroit, you probably don’t need us at Big Daves Tree Service to remind you how important it is to have the trees on your property maintained regularly. One of the most important parts of a tree maintenance service is tree removal, and if you feel that there are some trees in your backyard that have seen better days, then you need to give us a call today.

Having catered to the needs of homeowners in Detroit since we started this business, it is no exaggeration to say that when it comes to tree removal we know what we’re doing. The years of experience that we have built up combined with the latest and most innovative tree removal techniques mean that when it comes to getting rid of decayed or damaged trees from residential and commercial properties, our service is second to none.

So, whether one of the trees on your property has been afflicted by rot or storm damage has broken it in two, we should be the first number you call to guarantee a safe and secure tree removal service.

Three Important Things to Consider Before Tree Removal

At Big Daves Tree Service, we are proud to serve the businesses and homeowners in the Detroit area. We believe that it is the DIY ethos of this city that makes it such a great place to live in and is also what separates our home from other major urban centers across the United States. That being said, when it comes to certain tasks like tree removal, it really is best that you leave it to the professionals.

While it is true that tree removal may often appear simple and straightforward, that fact of the matter is that it is dangerous and has the potential to be very costly if executed incorrectly. With that in mind, here are three tips that we at Big Daves Tree Service always adhere to very closely when completing a tree removal job here in Detroit.

  1. Underground Hazards: If your property requires the removal of a tree stump, then it is essential to check for buried cables, sewerage pipes and gas lines that may end up being damaged as part of the root restructuring process. Thankfully for you, at Big Daves Tree Service we guarantee that all the work we undertake carefully protects against these dangers and hazards.
  2. Proximity to Your Home: When removing a tree that is too close to your Detroit home, it is important to take extra care to properly remove any overhanging branches that may end up seriously damaging your home’s structural integrity. What many people don’t realize is that even small branches are heavier than they look.
  3. Overhanging into Neighboring Properties:At Big Daves Tree Service, we always make sure to check all relevant municipal bylaws when removing part of a tree that overarches into a neighbor’s property.
  4. The Safe Tree Removal Company

    There is no doubt about it, tree removal is dangerous. But with the right tools and enough precautions, it is possible to do it safely. At Big Dave's Tree Service, we always put safety first. We perform multiple safety checks at each interval of the service. From the initial assessment to the cuts to the removal—nothing is left unnoticed. By double and triple checking all our calculations, we ensure that no one and nothing gets damaged during the removal.

    Of course, it’s about our own safety too! We value the security of all our employees and take every precaution to protect them. We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility. And as an employer, we protect the safety of our team. Combine this with our insurance, and you’re looking at one of the safest tree removal companies in the region.

    Fast and Responsive Tree Removal Services

    When your tree is damaged, there’s no time to waste. You need to call in the tree removal experts to take care of it as fast as possible. And if you call us, you’ll quickly learn what fast response means! We are available from Monday to Sunday to respond to emergency tree removal situations.

    We are proud to be Detroit’s trusted tree removal team, simply because we answer the phone, show up when we’re needed, and do a great job. To others, that might sound like something special. To us, it’s just good business.

    Don’t delay, call us today.

    Affordable Tree Removal

    Tree removal might be a highly specialized job that requires a range of specific tools and certifications—but it doesn’t have to be expensive. At Big Dave's Tree Service, we consistently charge rates that are below our competitor’s market-driven prices. Our tree removal services are affordable and accessible to everyone. By why are our prices so low?

    Is it because we love trees? Maybe. Is it because we optimize for efficiency? Probably. Is it because we love our clients? Definitely. Join hundreds of others who have already discovered that we offer a high-value service at an affordable price. We want to work with you next.

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    Emergency Tree Removal

    Although we might be open for limited hours from Monday to Sunday, we always keep our emergency tree removal hotline open 24 hours a day. This is especially important for clients who have recently suffered from storm damage. Often, there’s no time to lose. We will be there to give you your safety and security back by removing the dangerous tree.

    We are trained and qualified to perform emergency tree removal services. Whether you have a limp dangling over a house or a tree that’s fallen into the power lines, we can help. With years of experience and a dedication to safety, we have established ourselves as the go-to choice for tree removal in Detroit.

    We are ready and waiting to take your call. Get responsive tree service by picking up the phone and dialing our number––(586) 727-4469.

    Comprehensive Tree Removal Services

    When you have a problem tree on your property, the experts at Big Dave's Tree Service can handle it. Our experienced technicians provide comprehensive tree removal services for clients across Detroit and have a proven track record of delivering quality results. When you reach out to our team, you can expect to receive the following:

    • No-obligation consultations
    • Accurate price estimates
    • Thorough safety inspections
    • Environmental assessments
    • Removals with top-quality equipment
    • Friendly customer service
    • And much more!

    Offering a comprehensive service means leaving no stone unturned. Our technicians are detail-oriented and will carry out thorough preparatory work to determine the proper tools and approximate timeline for completing the job. We manage tree removals from the roots to the branches and provide extensive clean-ups after our work is finished so your property doesn't look like an open construction site. Our technicians have put in the time and effort to develop industry expertise and can manage the removal of all types of trees in the area. The quality of our removals has helped us distinguish ourselves from the competition and become one of the best tree removal services available.

    Efficient Tree Removal Service

    When you call the tree experts at Big Dave's Tree Service, you get access to an efficient tree removal service. We appreciate that unhealthy and bent trees can be an eyesore and a danger to your property and home's well-being. When you call our friendly service team, you will be treated respectfully, and your needs will be listened to. If you have concerns about a tree falling imminently or are worried about the damage your home could take during a storm, we encourage you to voice those concerns to our team. Your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority, and we will gladly schedule an inspection on your property at our earliest convenience. Once we're on your property, our technicians will work hard to safely and speedily remove the problem tree. We're confident our team can manage all your tree removal needs and that our efficient service will satisfy your expectations.

    Reliable Tree Removals

    With Big Dave's Tree Service, you get dependable service and reliable tree removals. Over the years, we have built our strong reputation through quality results, hard work, and staying true to our word. You can expect our technicians to arrive on time, complete the removal quickly, and clean up the job site. We believe in earning the trust of our clients, and our team will do everything possible to make a strong impression and satisfy your needs. Whether it's one tree or a small grove, our tree specialists will treat every job with the same level of dedication and professionalism.

    Environmentally Conscious Tree Removal

    If you feel you need to remove a tree but are worried about its impact on your property's ecosystem, you can put your mind at ease by calling Big Dave's Tree Service. Our tree experts remove trees in a way that is safe for your home and the health of your property. We conduct comprehensive environmental assessments before beginning a removal, and we can suggest actions to help the environment's health around your property too.

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    Whether one of the trees on your property has been afflicted by rot or storm damage has caused it to be broken in two, we should be the first number you call to guarantee a safe and secure tree removal service.

    Do you need trees removed from your property? You’re in luck. Get in touch with our team now at (586) 727-4469, and we’ll book a no-obligation consultation at a time that works for you. You’ll receive an honest quote upfront!

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