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Protect your trees from the potential damage caused by lightning strikes by opting for our lightning protection services.

Equipped with scientific knowledge of how lightning strikes interact with trees, Big Dave's Tree Service has developed a service to secure your foliage against lightning damage. For property owners looking to save valuable or heirloom trees in Oak Park, you can count on our arborists to be a highly beneficial resource.

We've invested in advanced technology and continued training to offer innovative lightning protection solutions to help bolster your trees against damaging weather events so they can stand the test of time.

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Why Your Tree Needs Lightning Protection

A single bolt of lightning can contain up to one billion volts of electrical energy. This makes it a potent force of destruction that can obliterate trees in seconds. Trees that survive lightning strikes may suffer structural degradation-a result of the heat generated by the electrical charge.

Due to their towering height, trees are particularly susceptible to lightning strikes, as they provide an easy path for the discharge of positive charges from the ground to negative ions in the thunderclouds and vice versa. Moreover, their high water and sap content makes them good conductors of electricity, making them more prone to lightning damage.

Are you wondering if your tree qualifies for lightning coverage? Reach out to our educated crew for answers to all your questions.

We Offer Lightning Protection Systems for Trees of All Types

We're proud to provide a secure defense against lightning strikes for all types of trees. What makes a tree especially vulnerable to lightning strikes?

Here are some scenarios where we recommend implementing lightning protection:

  • Trees are growing close to a body of water.
  • The trees are located on hilltops or on slopes facing the direction of approaching storms.
  • One tree towers over a group of smaller trees.
  • Trees are growing in the open or in small groups.
  • Trees bordering woods or line a street.
  • Trees in geographic regions with a history of lightning strikes.
  • You have more susceptible tree species, like poplars, oaks, pines, and maples.

If the trees on your property fall into the above classifications, it may be best to have our experts plan a lightning protection solution for them. Call us to discuss cost-effective options with licensed professionals.

How Does Our Tree Lightning Protection Help?

You may be interested to know how our lightning protection services fortify your tree's defense against lightning. Reflecting Big Dave's Tree Service's values of full transparency, we're happy to break down the details of how our services work.

Keep in mind that our system isn't built to attract or repel lightning strikes or prevent them from occurring. Instead, it acts as a conductor to capture nearby electric currents and direct them safely into the earth. Its chief purpose is to intercept the lightning bolt before it makes contact with the concerning tree.

Installed correctly and maintained periodically by our team, the system can provide protection to a tree and nearby structures for up to 50 years. Our lightning protection helps secure trees that are of historical or financial value or rooted within ten feet of a building or other type of structure.

Consult our team for a tailored lightning protection solution to safeguard your trees.

Big Dave's Tree Service Is Your Answer to Comprehensive Lightning Protection

Big Dave's Tree Service is the lighting protection specialist savvy property owners in Oak Park consult with for swift and cost-effective tree care solutions that preserve the value, safety, and beauty of your landscape.

We aim to provide reliable tree service and go above and beyond to deliver a seamless lightning protection system installation. Our team also performs annual inspections to ensure the systems are intact and extended to cover the trees adequately as they grow.

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