Keep your Oak Park property safe with the help of Big Dave's Tree Service's certified arborists. We draw on decades of experience providing emergency tree removals, and we proudly serve local businesses and private residents in our community.

We understand that urgent tree removal can occur during evening storms. To address this, we offer 24-hour emergency tree care services. Our team is licensed and insured to undertake dangerous tree removals-even those in tight spaces or near active power lines. We're also the team you can trust to clean up and remove the leftover debris.

Your trees won't wait for your convenience to cause start causing costly damages. When you have an at-risk tree on your property, call us immediately for swift and secure emergency tree service.

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We specialize in taking care of all of the details during emergency tree removals. Big Dave's Tree Service offers prompt and professional emergency tree removal in Oak Park and the surrounding area. When you have a tree that needs to be removed as quickly as possible following storm damage or any other emergency event, we can help. We specialize in assisting homeowners and business owners in improving and protecting their properties against trees threatening the safety of passersby and the integrity of existing structures.

Whether a tree has become too large for its location, a storm has broken a limb or trunk, or branches are interfering with power lines, we’re the expert team to deal with the situation as quickly as possible. Call us at (586) 727-4469 to book an assessment or get a quote.

When to Call for Emergency Tree Removal

Our extensive experience in the field has led us to be educated on all the reasons that might prompt an emergency tree removal.

We suggest contacting a tree felling specialist when:

  • The branches or roots threaten your home's structure.
  • The branches or roots threaten your neighbor's home's structure.
  • You're selling your home.
  • The branches are broken.
  • The tree is leaning.
  • Your tree has experienced storm damage.
  • The tree is showing signs of disease or pest infestation.

When you're dealing with a broken, snapped, or fallen tree, there's always a risk that it could cause further damage to your home and nearby assets. Our insured arborists have the necessary safety equipment and expertise to remove trees without compromising your property's value or safety.

Ask us for an estimate you can use to make smart decisions that protect you and your property from damage, injury, harm, and liability.

Full-Service Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree has become damaged or unsuitable for your property, you should never wait too long to have it removed. It’s essential to enlist the help of a company that can handle the entire job of removing your tree, from the initial planning to the final clean-up. We offer a variety of tree removal services that will ensure your property is returned to complete safety.

With our company, you’ll always experience the following:

  • Fast response times
  • Thorough assessments
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Securing property safety
  • Complete clean-up and stump grinding
  • … and more!

Our goal is to help you ensure your property s never threatened by an unsafe or hazardous tree. With us taking care of your emergency tree removal, you can enjoy a safer and cleaner property as quickly as possible.

Do You Have a Storm-Damaged Tree?

Storms can negatively impact the trees in your yard during any season. Depending on the weather conditions, even the strongest and most well-rooted species can be affected in the blink of an eye. Your trees can sustain damage from strong winds, rain, lightning, heavy snow, and ice.

Some of the common kinds of storm damage include:

  • Strong winds: Windstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and rainstorms are common causes of tree damage. Wind can uproot or twist a tree, causing it to die or fall, especially if the trunk is weak and snaps.
  • Heavy rains: Trees can be weakened by heavy rainfall and flooding, which can wash away sediment and expose their roots. This can reduce the anchor of the roots and cause the tree to fall over.
  • Extended snowfall: Branches can snap, or the entire tree can fall under the weight of heavy snowfall or ice buildup. This can cause damage to property.
  • Lightning: Lightning strikes can boil water in the tree's cells, burn the wood and roots, and even cause explosions. It can also split trees in half and slice off branches.

In the most severe scenarios, fallen trees and branches can cause harm to your property, including your house, garage, car, and land. Don't delay in seeking a prompt solution. Our team will swiftly remove hazardous trees to restore safety to your property. Call us to learn more about our 24-hr expert tree removal services.

Experienced Emergency Tree Removal Services

Sometimes, a tree removal job can’t wait. When you need a professional to get rid of a tree as fast as possible, think of us. We offer prompt emergency tree removal services to help you before disaster strikes. We act quickly to secure the worksite, protect your property, and mitigate the risks of a tree fall. Then, we utilize our industry-grade equipment to remove unhealthy, broken, and damaged trees with precision.

We operate an extensive selection of equipment to remove just about any tree quickly and without risk to your property. As emergency tree removal specialists, we can remove trees of any size or height, as well as trees in hard-to-reach areas. Our years of experience will help us develop the right plan for your situation, as we provide a perfect tree removal service every time.

How to Determine If a Tree is Diseased

Diseased or sick trees can become weak, and their branches can fall off unexpectedly, putting your family and property at risk. Trees can be slowly killed by fungi, viruses, and pests, which can cause damage from the inside out, making the tree unsalvageable.

Some of the easy-to-spot symptoms of a diseased tree are:

  • Dead branches
  • Holes in the bark or leaves
  • Wilted, spotted, yellow, or burnt leaves
  • Hollow pits
  • Dusty white mildew
  • Lumpy or spherical growths
  • Clusters of new shoots
  • ...and more

Call us to prevent the disease from spreading and affecting nearby trees. Our professional arborists will effectively remove diseased trees and minimize the spread to other trees in the vicinity using safe and efficient tree cutting techniques.

Affordable Tree Removal

When you have a tree that needs to be removed in the event of an emergency, you should never worry about the cost. The only priority is ensuring your property is safe. To help you focus on what’s important, we offer our services at the most affordable rates possible.

Every tree is different, so our prices may vary. Get in touch with us about the tree you’re looking to have removed, and we can give you an estimate based on its size before we arrive.

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For emergency tree removals in Oak Park, trust Big Dave's Tree Service to do the job right. We have expert technicians and quality equipment to provide reliable and prompt results when you need them. Contact us at (586) 727-4469 now to get an emergency tree removal service right away.

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