Emergency Tree Removal in Detroit

Has a large tree on your property become a major hazard? If so, there’s no better time than now to call Big Dave's Tree Service. Ranked among the finest tree removal teams in Detroit, we offer emergency removal services to those threatened by a large tree that’s become unstable due to disease, weather conditions, age, and more.

Don’t let dangerous trees get in the way of having a pleasant and hazard-free property. Seek out our fast-acting team whenever your trees appear unstable, or you’re concerned about the safety of walking near them. You can reach us by calling (586) 727-4469.

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Our Team Is Here to Remove Hazardous Trees

Many scenarios compel a property owner to contact a tree removal company. If you notice a tree is leaning precariously, looks as though many branches and leaves are dead or dying, or has fallen and is blocking roads, driveways, or entrances, calling a professional is a must. Trees with large cracks, deep cavities, or signs of decay can also pose a significant risk and require immediate attention.

Other warning signs detectable by most property owners include branches that are hanging dangerously and trees that have been struck by lightning or damaged by strong winds or storms. Safety is paramount when you notice these signs, and that’s why many homeowners act quickly. Picking up the phone is important—but it’s also vital that you call the right team for the job.

We’re a Preferred and Trusted Tree Services Provider

Offering the most incomparable tree removal services in the region, we’re here to make sure your property remains safe and healthy throughout the year. When you work with our team of customer-centered and friendly tree-removal experts, you can expect the following:

  • Safety conscious procedures
  • The use of industrial-grade equipment
  • Quick turnarounds on removal and clean-up
  • On-time arrivals and responsive dispatchers
  • Full suite of additional tree services
  • Up-front estimates on all services
  • …and more

When storms and other types of weather events and accidents negatively impact your trees, they can become dangerous hazards that can wreak further havoc if not correctly felled and removed. Big Dave's Tree Service is Detroit’s first choice for emergency tree removal expertise that will give you the peace of mind you deserve without crushing your wallet.

Our experts excel at providing our clients with safe, affordable, and quick-acting solutions that prevent your home property from incurring any further damage from an unstable tree. When you need 24-hour tree service, you can count on our licensed professionals to respond fast.

Call (586) 727-4469, let us know where you’re located, and we’ll send a crew over immediately.

Reach licensed experts 24/7

Step-by-Step Tree Removal

Tree removal is a multi-step process that sees professionals like us taking numerous precautions along the way. Our methodical approach ensures that no other trees fall during the removal process, no one is injured, and no nearby structure is in danger of being damaged. Our process looks like this:

Assessing the Situation

The first step is assessing the situation and creating a plan for safely removing the tree. Our team will take into consideration factors such as the size of the tree, its location, and any obstacles that may be in the way. In some cases, we may need to use a crane to remove the tree in sections to avoid damaging surrounding structures.

Clearing the Area for Work

Next, our team will work to clear the area around the tree, ensuring that any debris or branches are removed to prevent further damage. Once the area is clear, we’ll use chainsaws and other equipment to cut the tree into manageable pieces, which are then removed using a crane or other equipment. The basic approach for most tree removals is to start with the smallest removable pieces and work towards the biggest, ensuring no part of the tree falls suddenly.

Debris Removal and More

Finally, our team will grind the stump and remove any remaining debris from the site. Safety is of the utmost importance throughout the process, and professionals will use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the tree is removed safely and efficiently.

At our emergency tree removal company, we always clear away the branches and debris from the property after we finish our work. This is to ensure that the area is clean and safe for everyone. A property covered with precarious branches and limbs can be hazardous—and that’s the last thing we want to leave behind.

Bracing and Cables for Your Trees

In some cases, we might deploy tree cables and tree braces. Cables and braces can be used during emergency tree removal to stabilize trees that have been damaged or are in danger of falling. These are two different techniques that are used depending on the specific situation.

Cables are used to provide support for branches that may be weak or damaged. A cable is attached to the branch and secured to another stable part of the tree to prevent it from breaking off. This can be particularly useful for trees that have sustained damage from strong winds or storms. Meanwhile, braces are used to support the trunk of the tree by providing extra support to weak or damaged areas. This involves installing steel rods into the trunk of the tree, which helps to redistribute the weight of the tree and prevent it from breaking apart.

Always Careful, Always Cautious

During emergency tree removal, we often use cables and braces to provide additional stability to the tree while it’s being slowly dismantled. This can help to prevent the tree from falling in an unexpected direction, causing property damage, or posing a safety risk to workers or nearby buildings.

Using cables and braces during emergency tree removal is a specialized technique that requires expertise and experience. Rest assured, we have all the experience needed for the job. Professional tree removal companies like ours are equipped with the necessary tools and staffed by trained personnel who use these techniques safely and effectively.

Fast-Acting Tree Removal Team

It’s crucial for emergency tree removal companies to arrive on the scene quickly, as a fallen or damaged tree can pose an immediate threat to people and property. The longer a tree is left in a dangerous position, the higher the risk of it causing further damage or injury. Our team's prompt response times can help prevent additional damage and minimize the risk of harm to people and surrounding structures.

Our tree removal company has specialized equipment and expertise to assess the situation and quickly remove the tree safely. By arriving on the scene as soon as we’re called, we can help to mitigate the risks of falling trees. We restore order to your property in little time at all, so work with us when you want fast response times and turnarounds.

As quickly as we might work, we never rush through our important duties. We’re able to approach our job with such quality and finesse because of our years of experience. As experienced tree removal specialists, we’ve learned how to work quickly without sacrificing any of the necessary skills and attention to detail required of us.

We’re a small, close-knit team of tree-removal experts who work together to minimize the risks of emergency tree removal and ensure our clients’ safety and well-being. Call us whenever you need to get in touch with a verified tree removal professional!

Emergency Tree-Cutting: We’re Always Here When You Need Us

When you need certified emergency tree-cutting, we’re always on duty, waiting for your call. Storms that knock trees into power lines and onto garages, cars, and houses don’t follow a specific schedule. You could find yourself dealing with a tricky situation in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or a bank holiday.

Your search for safe, high-quality emergency tree service ends here. We’re the licensed professionals our community counts on for prompt, affordable solutions. When you choose to work with us, you can always expect:

  • A fast response
  • Well-stocked and well-maintained tree cutting equipment
  • Licensed technicians who are friendly and arrive in uniform so you can identify us easily
  • Honest pricing
  • Transparent quotes
  • Speedy turnarounds
  • Attention to safety—always

Our vast resources and skilled crew allow us to take on tree removals of all complexities. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss the specifics of your situation with qualified professionals who put your needs above the rest.

Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes, the signs you need emergency tree removal are obvious. You’ll know you need assistance right away if a storm strikes and there is now a tree resting precariously on your garage, house, or car. However, other signs can alert you that acting now to ensure a tree is removed before it falls will save you from further hassle, damage, injury, or liability.

Here are five signs to look for that will tell you it’s time to call a 24-hour emergency tree service:

  1. A tree is endangering buildings, cars, and other assets
  2. A tree has suffered damage from insect infestation and is no longer structurally sound
  3. A tree has taken on a leaning position and appears as though it could fall
  4. A tree is displaying every sign of being dead
  5. Branches are damaged and dangling, posing a risk

Reach us any time of day or night for the answers to any questions you have about our emergency tree-cutting service.

Affordable Emergency Tree Removal Services

As seasoned industry experts, the team at Big Dave's Tree Service appreciates the need to provide emergency tree removal services affordably. We work hard to keep our rates low and pride ourselves on providing transparent financing information to all our clients. When you call our friendly service team for emergency removal services, our team will ask questions to learn about the number of trees you need to be removed and the state they're in. We will then draw up a preliminary budget and provide you with a free quote to help you understand the cost of our services. Our team will happily provide you with a precise financial breakdown of our budget. We treat our customers fairly and respectfully and never charge hidden fees or cut corners. Working with our service ensures that problem trees on your property will be removed safely and fit your budget.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removals

When a tree puts you, your home, or your property in danger, you don't have the luxury of waiting for standard business hours. That's why Big Dave's Tree Service offers 24/7 emergency tree removals to our clients. We know how destructive and expensive falling trees can be, and we care deeply about the safety and comfort of our customers. Our tree specialists offer quick and reliable emergency tree removals so you can feel comfortable in your home again. When you call us for emergency tree removals, our team will work hard to schedule a technician to assess your property, and we will make your tree removal our priority.

A Professional Emergency Tree Removal Team

No service is more professional than Big Dave's Tree Service if you need emergency tree removal. We have built our reputation for excellence by consistently delivering quality results, working hard to keep our customers safe, and treating our clients fairly. We are a communicative tree removal service, and we will provide transparent information before starting work on your property. Our team will let you know the specific issue with the trees we are removing and, if necessary, flag other trees or areas on your property that our removal could impact. We're confident in our team's ability to safely provide emergency tree removal services, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Safety-First Emergency Tree Removals

At Big Dave's Tree Service, we take tree removals seriously and adhere to industry safety regulations to protect your home and property. When our team conducts their in-person assessment of your trees and property, we will ensure that all safety protocols are followed to minimize the risk to your home and person. As professionals, we utilize top-of-the-line equipment to facilitate our removals and follow industry protocols when completing our work.

We understand the risk sick and falling trees pose to your home and property. When a diseased tree is left unattended, the fungus can weaken the tree, leading to increased fall risk and spreading to other trees and plants on your property. The sooner you schedule an emergency tree removal, the sooner our team can get involved and save you money in the long run.

Hire an Emergency Tree Removal Company with a Solid Reputation

Big Dave's Tree Service is a tree removal company with a long history of delivering quality services and quick responses to property owners in Detroit and our surrounding communities. Our reputation for preserving your investment by removing dangerous trees safely and professionally makes us the best choice for the job.

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