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Tree Removal in Detroit

Locally owned and operated serving all tree needs for the Detroit area, Big Daves Tree Service is your local expert for tree removal. In business since 1987, and top rated with HomeAdvisor Inc. for elite service, you can count on our certified professionals to complete every job with efficiency and professionalism.

We are LEED certified accredited professionals, holding IBEW certification for power lines, and are part of the Tree Care Industry Association. At Big Daves Tree Service, we believe in honesty and accountability.

Our commitment to the industry and providing clients with superior client service sets us apart from other tree removal services. And, offering free cost estimates and competitive pricing, there really is no better option than our dedicated crew!

Do I Need an Arborist?

While sometimes Detroit homeowners are certain that they need or want an arborist to come to their property for tree removal services, other times it’s not so clean cut. Especially in the case of extreme weather damage, it can be hard to tell if your tree is going to make it or if it needs to go before it becomes hazardous. If any of these symptoms apply to the tree on your property, give us a call:

Trees may be able to live for hundreds of years, but like everything else in the world, they too have a lifespan that can end with age or injury.

A sick or damaged tree puts your friends, family, and home at risk in case it falls. Ensure that you stay safe by addressing any tree concerns you have as quickly as possible. Big Daves Tree Service always offers estimates. Get your questions answered by calling us today.

Tree Removal Cost

Tree removal can be a big job. Even so, many Detroit homeowners will attempt to do it themselves. We never recommend trying this. At Big Daves Tree Service, every member of our team is a certified professional with years in the field.

Tree removal is no walk in the park. There’s a lot that needs to be accounted for, and the best way to make sure it’s done quickly and safely is by investing in a professional. So, what sort of tree removal costs could you be looking at?

Depending on the size of your tree and situation it’s in, tree removal can cost between $150 and $1,500. With a range like that, it’s best to get an assessment for an accurate estimate.

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If you’re looking for safe, effective, and affordable tree removal services in Detroit, look no further than Big Daves Tree Service. With more than 30 years in the industry, you can count on our qualified team to come through every time.

Don’t wait for your situation to get worse. Get in touch with us as soon as possible!